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Would you, could You?

Would you, could You? Posted on September 21, 20132 Comments

“Mom! There is a goat!”

Its that book.  The one we have three copies of.  The one I deliberately tried to hide.

For the most part the kids instinctively know not to ask me to read this book.  That still doesn’t keep them from dancing with it in their arms and waving it in my face.
Pinkalicious turns to me excitedly and tells me “Mom, I can read this book!”

“Show me.” Its a timeless song and dance between parent and child, and if I don’t play my part then I will never be a able to move on to a period of peace and quiet… which I desperately need right now so I can study for a test.

I open a page and she reads the words on page 9 & 10.  “See you did it!”  She is really pleased with herself and she runs off to tell Purplicious of her achievement.  I think I am in the clear… until her twin sister arrives with the book in her hand.  The same book.

“Mom, can you read this book to me?”

“How about you read it.”  Its not a question and she know it.

“I can’t.  I don’t know how.”

I knew she could.  I knew she could read every word in this book.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to encourage her to read this book.

“Sound it out.”

“Its too hard.”

“If you never try, you will never know if you can.  You will never know what you can do.”

About the time when I thought she had given up, I heard her sit on the couch next to me and make a true effort to read it.  In one moment what seemed impossible, was doable.  I thought she was going to give up.  This is longer than the Level 1 or 2 reading books on the shelf.  Somehow, this time was different.

Reading 3

The headache that never came was proof.

She read it from beginning to end.

She asked for help;

Mom, what does this say? “Try”

Mom, what does this say? “That”

Mom, what does this say? “Thank”

Mom, is this “May?”

She giggled with a new delight.  “They are in the water!”

When she finally came to the end, she was amazed with herself.

“I sound it out! Then I put it together, that is all I have to do!”

She did it.  All by herself with the book that shall not be named.  The best part is no one can take that away from her.

In some sort of telepathic twin speak, the girls decided that this was now a good time to read every Dr. Seuss book that we have.  I know when they have finished a new book because they tell me… “I can read it now!”  Then they rush off and open another book.  Tonight, sleep is overrated because apparently 11 o’clock at night is when the magic happens.

Reading 4

I’m thinking I can get out of reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ tonight but I’m pretty sure Lil Man won’t let me.


2 thoughts on “Would you, could You?

  1. It is always amazing when your children find they can do what they previously could not! Their genuine pride in themselves (and of course your pride in them) is wonderful to witness. This is what fosters a true love of learning that, hopefully, people want to recreate throughout their lives! Way to go Mom (even though you would have preferred that book to stay hidden!).

  2. Ahhhh that makes my heart happy! Amazing. I remember when my step-son learned to read and it was as if a lightbulb came on and he was so excited for himself. We have a few of those “I thought I hid that darned thing well…” books here as well. The 3 year old has been asking for the sharks chapter of the science book for 2 weeks straight. Did you know sharks’ bones are made of cartilage? Argh!

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