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What’s coming next

What’s coming next Posted on October 6, 20143 Comments

Over the last Skype with our family in Germany the kids told on their Dad.

The girls fighting to see who could get the words out first.  Dad looking the other way.

“Mom! Dad says if you are not here by Christmas, he’s going to put us back in school!”

We had a good laugh as children pleaded that I come before then.  With Neko our class clown breaking down in horror and mock tears…

“Irony is the bringing together of contradictory truths to make out of the contradiction a new truth with a laugh or a smile.” – Jane Austen, Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane

So the two truths collide.

Public School & Home School.

I do not essentially see Public School as the enemy.  I do see that it is not for everyone and every chance I get I weigh and measure if it is better to homeschool or send them to public school.  They are at the core two different solutions.  Two truths held in esteem by two different types of people.  But here and now, they must come together, and evolve in my mind.

They are the ebb and flood tides, to and fro, and now we find ourselves in the place between.  The high or low slack where it changes from one tide to the other.  One is not better than the other.  They are two different states of being, forces in motion… working together to fulfill their purpose.  They do not consider each other the enemy, but rather nature has made them partners.

Since we have started, homeschool has won every time.  Now out of necessity I will have to concede.  Without knowing what the school is like.  It only makes it difficult because I cannot come to their rescue at a moment’s notice.  I simply do not know what to expect.

If I must be truthful to myself… I have sensed that this moment was coming.  Before the situation could ever be surmised.  Now the moment has come…

I could always fight this, since I have all the birth certificates and shot records… but it seems the right thing to do at this time.  If homeschooling has taught me anything, it means accepting and making the most of the situation to find our balance.  Looking to nature I find our answer.  Our path to Harmony.

Coming to that realization I probably won’t wait until Christmas.  Oct 31st is as good a time as any.  I only hope that My Champion will get help getting kids to school and back again.  Basically he has become a single parent.

A whole new world.

I don’t know who is getting the better end of this, but my heart is with him.  I trust no one but him when it comes to the care of our family members and I hope that good people will come to his aide…

Shalom and Namaste

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  1. I love you immensely and you know that if these are your feelings that you are doing the right thing. Praying for y’all and this separation. Sometimes, when the dads have to take a more active role they understand the role of mom a lot better. Brian is an amazing guy and has my respect. {{HUGS}} to you girl.

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