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What Happened to the Zombies?

What Happened to the Zombies? Posted on October 29, 20153 Comments

A week ago I shared this with my friends on Facebook;

“We started today's easy adventure looking for Zombie outfits! *pfft* I listened to my minions plan for weeks... and the ring leader was the first to jump ship in favor of a pretty shimmering dress! 

After the rest of the lemmings found their new 'must have' we smacked into a dilemma. Lil Man wanted to be Spiderman but none of the costumes with that theme were in his size. His 2nd choice was a skeleton/reaper, which he thought was wicked cool BUT his sister burst into tears because it was too scary.

We told him to put it back which brought HIM to tears... Being considerate of others is sooo easy to do, right? What's a Win-win in this situation?

As late as the night was we ran to get something to eat at the PX's food court. Lo and behold we found a ninja costume with a skeleton theme out front that everyone can live with.

Whew... but seriously!!! What happened to the zombies?!”

I finished editing the Homeschooler’s Halloween Party from yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice a couple of things.

My would-have-been-zombies crew picked outfits that secretly excited them.

Lila chose the Snow Queen because she loved her story.  More than that I remember talking to her recently about being a girl.  She said she was told by her friends that she was a tomboy and why she felt she couldn’t do certain girly things or that she had to dress in a certain way…

To which I firmly told her she was not a tomboy.  She was a girl.  She could play with boys and still wear a dress if she wanted.  She could dress the way she wanted to.  She didn’t have to worry about being a tomboy.  She only had to be herself.  Two days later and she jumped the zombie ship in favor of a blue sparkly dress…

She told everyone who would listen about the how the little girl in the story became the snow queen.  The nice German lady in the store who didn’t understand any English, recognized the gleam in Lila’s eyes and nodded her head in excitement.  The parents at the Halloween Party that asked her about her dress… and I had my fair share of 3 helpings of the story.  Enough to make me wonder why I had never seen this part of her before.

It was almost as if she didn’t want to cross an imaginary identity boundary with her twin.  Rosa had always been the girly-girl. Including first choice when it came to anything pink or skirts with a little flair.  Lila had secretly wanted the same for herself.  Somehow the Snow Queen had given her that gift!

Rosa, who had cried over the horror of Lil Man’s costume, surprisingly picked a Monster High Costume.  I should have saw that coming with all the reruns of “Boo York” the week leading up to it.  It was still a surprise that she picked Frankie instead of Draculaura with her pink dress!  She apparently wanted to step outside of her comfort zone and go with something a little scary… but not too scary.  At the time I wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince me or herself.  I mean this is the girl that freaked over a demon faced puppet.  Still I was surprised that she chose a pretty Frankenstein as her costume.WAH Halloween-3077 (b)Neko equally surprised me with his Gun Slinger outfit.  I am still racking my brain about where this might have come from.  More importantly I saw that when the zombie lemmings jumped ship, he no longer felt he could be a part of the dress-up ritual.  Suddenly he was too old or too cool for it, unless we kept to a family theme. That’s why I didn’t give him a choice.  I told him to go find something.  Oh the dirty look he gave me!

Now keep in mind this is the kid that is always educating me on the ways of the Sith and the store had a plethora of Star Wars outfits…  This, I thought, was a no-brainer. When he showed me what he had found, I thought he was pulling my leg.  But he was serious.

The day of the party he begged me to drop him in front of the building.  I told him no we would walk from the larger parking lot to the building.  So we did… right past a bunch of high schoolers.  Which caused him to grumble how embarrassing it was to be caught like this. “Look”, he said, “they’re starring!”  I laughed.  I have no clue if high schoolers can even wear costumes to school.  I told him they probably didn’t get the choice.  With teens you never really know if they like something.  Heck they might have even thought he looked cool.  Once he got over what others might think of a kid his age dressing up, he started having fun.WAH Halloween-3031Now the one that didn’t surprise me was Lil Man.  You see, in his head he is looking for something he would be comfortable wearing every day.  All day.  Possibly something that can double as jammies. Certainly an outfit I would have to strip from his screaming body to wash.  If that doesn’t happen in the days to come, then I’ll be surprised.WAH Halloween-3009Ah but the last laugh came from reviewing the costume contest… the person to win the scariest costume was… a zombie!

Man, I don’t know what happened to the zombies but bring on the candy!

3 thoughts on “What Happened to the Zombies?

  1. Love your story (allowed me to relive the days when my 30 and 28 year old got dressed up for Halloween!). And it is always great when they find a costume that really “speaks” to them!

    1. Costume hunting is such a process! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe in an age limit when it comes to Halloween! (I still need to find a costume for myself for Fasching – I hear it’s a big deal!) I must confess though. I love to take the kids around the neighborhood to see the costumes of those passing out candy!

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