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Twitter for Homeschoolers?

Twitter for Homeschoolers? Posted on November 7, 2013Leave a comment

Yes.  Actually that is a very good use for Twitter.

Twitter more than any other social media platform in fact.

Why?Lego PeopleTwitter is about broadcasting the news and providing updates.  It is where people go to get information in real time.  Therefore it would be easy to set up a Twitter account and follow all the Homeschool Resources you currently subscribe to… on Twitter.

When my favorite page or company has a new lapbook or unit study, Twitter is usually where I will see it first.  With Facebook the pages that pump out resources I use are dependent on the likes and comments before most of their fans will see it.  Twitter’s interests lists are easier to use.  I can stream all my homeschooling news in a heartbeat and catch up on the day’s activities in a few minutes.  I have the power!

Not convinced?

Here are 15 Twitter accounts to follow for Science Facts

Here is a list of homeschoolers who I currently follow.  Most of them blog.  Some of them own a business.

Some of my favorites on that list;

Which one is your favorite educational Twitter resource?


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