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Roaster Oven Success!

Roaster Oven Success! Posted on November 25, 2013Leave a comment

I had never seen one before coming to Texas.  One day while strolling the grand aisle of HEB in Killeen, Texas I came across this deal.  It looked like a giant slow cooker.  The price tag minus attached store coupon was $20.  How could I say no?  I was powerless to resist the pull of a good bargain.I have found I like using the electric roaster oven.  The turkey comes out moist with less work.  Which means less opportunities for me to screw it up.  Like any other turkey veteran I had my share of undercooked & overcooked bird.  Now I know better.  Roaster oven for the win!

When you don’t have 3 days to wait:

Ok so this post is brought to you at 2am because I bought a turkey.  Only to realize that in its current form I had no room for it in my fridge.  My quick dethaw method was to rinse the turkey the best I could.  Place the turkey and 2 cups of water in the roaster at 200 degrees for 1 hour.  I then turned it off and allow the roaster to cool.  This took about 2 hours.  I picked up the turkey, removed the neck and packet of gizzards with ease.  Everything was still fairly cold on the inside.  I rinsed the pan and the turkey.  I put the turkey back in the roaster and proceeded to cook the turkey like a normal person.

A Roaster Oven Turkey made simple:

Usually I use butter.  This year I used olive oil and sea salt.  I frantically search the internet for the “right” amount.  Everyone seems to be on board with 1/4 cup of butter or oil.  I skipped the chicken broth and poured in 2 cups of water.  I placed the turkey upside down.  I accidentally did it this way one year and loved the results.  I don’t think it matters in an electric roaster oven but the oven is on and there is no turning back!

turkey 2

I covered the turkey in olive oil with what I think is 1/4 cup.  I dashed the salt everywhere.  I then used a Rustic Herb Seasoning blend from a home based distributorship.  Mostly because I did a rosemary & thyme turkey one year and loved it.  Sage is also good.  Cover with lid and turned the roaster on to 400 degrees for about 30 min and then I dropped it down to 320 degrees for the next 3 1/2 hours.

Using the electric roaster cuts the cooking time to about 1 hour less than what the package recommends.  My package recommended 5 1/2 hours minimum.  A 20lb turkey takes 4hours to cook if you can resist the urge to lift the lid.

Christine’s Culinary Notes:

  1. Remember that the safe place to touch the roaster is the black handle.
  2. Just because the handle is safe, does not mean any other black area of the oven is safe to touch.
  3. When you burn yourself repeatedly for forgetting #2, quickly use apple cider vinegar over the burn area to cool it down.
  4. Be amazed it works and that you have no blisters! Hug son for paying attention to Beakman’s World.
  5. Next time… Consider trying this recipe. Love the use of vegetables!

I have still not mastered the gravy.  I wonder if you could simply put the neck and other parts at the bottom of the roaster?  Let it cook in the turkey juices?  Would that hurt anything?


Pictures are currently not available for this conquest because I misplaced my phone.  P.S. I already checked the turkey.

The above picture is provided by Southern Savers with printable coupons. Enjoy!


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