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This is what Secular Homeschooling looks like! {A Secular Blog Hop} 6/18-7/15

This is what Secular Homeschooling looks like! {A Secular Blog Hop} 6/18-7/15 Posted on June 19, 20175 Comments

Welcome back Secular Homeschoolers to this month’s blog hop!

In last month’s blog hop several bloggers linked up with their favorite homeschooling resources and our community members did not disappoint!  They gave us a good look at what applying to an English University would entail, a habit building and productivity app, a neat geography project, ways to make math fun for older kids, and a comprehensive guide to secular homeschool curriculum.

Take a look at Up Above the Rowan Tree’s post to see which curriculum is considered secular!

This month our focus is on answering the question, what do secular homeschoolers do?

There is already a lot of perceptions and myths about homeschooling in general.  Tell them you are a secular homeschooler and people lose their minds.  At least until they get to know you and realize you are a human being taking of your family’s needs.  Of course, not everyone has that luxury and that means many still don’t know what it means.

Which is why this month we invite you to share what secular homeschooling means in your home!

When I think about it, it was another homeschooling mom who convinced me that I could homeschool my kids.  I spent a year wrestling in my mind the problems the kids were experiencing with the school system and felt stuck because we couldn’t afford private school for four kids.  My only reference for homeschooling was an archaic practice reserved for those in reclusive societies making highly sought after furniture.  A novel idea but not something that was feasible for this modern era.

All that changed when one day I decided while the kids were in school to visit a friend.  I walked into her home and I was in awe as her boys were in a constant state of motion-jumping from the pile of freshly clean laundry on the couch to racing down the hall in a game of tag, she patiently prepared a project for them at the kitchen table.  I knew then if she could do this crazy thing called homeschooling, then maybe it could be the answer for us as well.  I might never had considered it if that homeschooling mom hadn’t allowed me to see her family in action.  Like me there are a lot of people who are thinking about homeschooling but not sure if they can do it.  There are those in the beginning stages of homeschooling that feel a little overwhelmed and could use a little encouragement.  Today you can be that source of encouragement!  You can help someone who is geographically or socially isolated find the courage and the strength to do what is best for their family.  If anything sharing a peek into your homeschool will remind us why we are still homeschooling.  Depending on how crazy it gets today, that maybe exactly what we need to survive another day!

So whether your reason is to inspire, support, or to encourage secular homeschoolers, we hope you will join us in sharing June’s theme;

This is what Secular Homeschooling looks like!

Help spread the word by including the SEA Blog Hop Graphic in your post and link it back to this Blog Hop!

Remember the link for this theme is available the 3rd Sunday of each month and will stay open for a month before it will close.

Thank you for joining us!

Let the Blog Hop begin!

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  1. Ooh I’ve been meaning to join in on your link ups! I’ll have to catch it next time. I’m really excited to see so many older grades. Mine are young still so it’s hard for me to imagine what high school looks like!

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