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The Lost Egypt

The Lost Egypt Posted on October 9, 2011Leave a comment

~ First off ~
I Love traveling with other Homeschooling families, and
Sharing an awesome experience together!
Last Month we had the pleasure of checking out,
the Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science exhibit
at the Mayborn Museum Complex in Waco, Texas with the S family.
What a Blast!
While the Mayborn Museum also houses The Children’s Discovery rooms (hands on fun appropriate for all ages), An Awesome Mammoth exhibit, and a good place to stop in and learn about the history of the Waco area (about a block away is a Texas Ranger Museum) – it was the traveling fun filled Egypt exhibit we were after this time….
The description put out by the museum reads;

“Lost Egypt is an immersive quest for knowledge that reveals how archaeologists use modern science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt.”

It was absolutely delightful to try an put together broken bits of pottery …
(Mr. S had a real knack for this)
 and if you look in the back you will see another exhibit that talks about how material was transported ~ the challenge was to figure out which “sled” was able to the job better & why.
A good lesson in friction.
Another favorite hands on exhibit was the building of the pyraminds.
The base, middle, and top were all different from each other in shape and color.
Now after this I think my phone died and there goes my picture taking capabilities.
Some of our other favorites were …
Seeing real human and animal mummies and the real scans of different layers.
A short cultural video of a story of life and death in a little theater.
There was an area dedicated to the unwrapping of a mummy, which I learned there were different types of wrapping for different folks.
Did you know that if a person accidentally drowned in the Nile – even if they were a slave – they would have been mummified with honors?
Another “room” talked about the hieroglyphs on the wall which indicated what they were sending with the decease into their next life.  It was then asked – what would you send into the next life, and here you would select modern and familiar objects to velcro onto the wall.
After the Egyptian exhibit,  our children were itching to go on to the Children’s Discovery rooms. Where we were happy to encourage because of our evil parent agenda of wearing them out for the ride home 🙂
We would probably be here more often if we lived closer!
(*ahem* The museum does offer play dates on Mondays)

Ohh ohh! One more thing!

Mrs. S & I talked to one of the museum workers and found out they offer special programs for schools (best for a group of 15 or more to take advantage of the discounts) and Discovery Boxes.
Discovery Boxes are great way to enhance any curriculum and are available free of charge from the museum for a one week loan.  You might want to check if your local museum offers them as well!
Here is an example of what you would get;
“Where there is Love, there is Life.” ~ Gandhi

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