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The Homeschool Ring

The Homeschool Ring Posted on September 9, 20136 Comments

The first rule about homeschool is we don’t talk about homeschool.  The second rule is if you talk about homeschool, you show proof of your “schedule” or “ultimate guide.”  Third rule of homeschool, if your not having fun your doing it wrong.  So what does our daily homeschool schedule look like and how do I make it work for us?  Enter only if you dare to know the truth.

The HomeSchool Ring

Job Board 3

If you notice, most of this still follows the schedule I made earlier this year.  The entire coursework is now on color coded cue cards.  If things get pushed back a day, no worries.  The next day we do the Blue card.  No more pressure to get things done on a certain day.  As it applies to homeschooling, this is my B List.  These are things I feel are important to address on a given day.

Job Board 2 b

I simplified it so that if we decide to switch up a workbook or an activity, we still are being accountable about.  For example… Reading: Read to yourself/ I can read to them/ reading comprehension exercise.  I am considering doing blog posts to show you what each day looks like.  For now the homeschool lingo is work boxes < You can see by my blog header and this old post to see what that sort of looks like for us. >

This is how we determine which work box we are working on for the day.  Each of the cards are structured for each child’s ability.

Job Board 4

There are suggestions on the back of the card of alternative activities.  This is my C List.  Kids want to do more and your like… now what?  Stop stressing and prep a couple thing ahead of time.  Since we are eclectic homeschoolers I have borrowed a couple of things from the different styles of homeschool philosophies.  Then I put them in what some people are calling “work boxes.”

Some of the suggestions on the back are Lapbooks, Nature Journals, and Dioramas.  Youtube videos is another excellent source to include.

Alright… Onto the last section of our board!

Jobs For Hire

The Chore Ring

The Making of Our Board



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