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The Deal they Made…

The Deal they Made… Posted on October 31, 20154 Comments


In the dark of the night I warmed myself by the fire with friends.

Suddenly I was approached from behind by a gruesome Krampus.

“You should give me the rest of your candy.”

“You really want the rest of my candy?”


“Well then you’ll have to trade me for it.”

He hesitated.

I had nothing to lose.  This stash was the culmination of walking the streets for two hours and herding dressed up cats down dark streets, towards lit houses.

More commonly known as parent tax.  Without remorse I pandered to his desire for more candy.

“I’ll tell you what.  I’ll give you the rest of what I have here for my top two picks out of your bag.”

He took a moment to consider.

“Wait.  What kind of candy do you have left?”

“Oh the good kind.  Trust me you will want everything I have here.”

We shared a quick peek into each other’s loot and then the deal was struck.

I selected two peanut butter cups and a Butterfinger.

“Hey! The deal was two – not three!”

I chuckled and then returned the other peanut butter cup.

He disappeared to the volley board court with his cohorts to compare their loot.

Secretly I was thankful.  I had already consumed enough to make me sick.  But… Who could deny the child the bounty we have all taken pure pleasure in… the one night in the year guardians encourage their children to beg strangers for candy.  Strangers who lined the streets armed with sweets.

Now as a parent it was an additional pleasure to disperse the sweets faster than my minions remember eating it.  Including making pacts with wary children passing by the firelight.  (I’m sure my dentist would be pleased by my efforts.  If for no other reason than I’m simply doing my part by bringing in more customers.)  My unsuspecting children unaware that I am planning to hide the rest of the stash by the third day… paced themselves.  Savoring each morsel until sent to bed.

In 3 days the candy will change ownership and I will have no choice but to heavily regulate the when and where.  No doubt they will crave it and beg for it.  And of course I will give it to them… for a price.  Or I could suggest they donate it… but will they be strong enough to give it away?


For now, the deal with the devil had been struck.  Come what may, I say… let them enjoy their night. Mwhahaha!

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