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The Chore Ring

The Chore Ring Posted on September 1, 20131 Comment

One ring to bind them…


The Chore Rings are made so the kids can trade between themselves.

Job Board 5The B list chores are really things I would like to get done either on a daily or weekly basis.




Dining Table

Sweep/ Mop Floors (Downstairs)


Job Board 6

The C list chores are monthly items.  Or daily chores that can be done for extra tokens.

Vacuum Floor (Upstairs)

Wash Windows

Clean Car

Art Box

Coat/ Shoe Rack

Homeschool Room (Straighten out the books, sweep the floor)

During the first week of testing, I had given the kids an assigned ring.  The results were mediocre.  On a particular day I had a hair brain idea and experimented with letting the kids switch chores each day.  Secretly I was kinda against this.  Then I discovered something.  If they were allowed to choose their own chore for the day, they were more likely to get it done with enthusiasm.

Weird.  What ever

Now I put each chore on a ring.  I could make a rule that goes something like… “First person to get a chore done the day before has first dibs on picking a chore the next day.”  Right now I don’t see a need to do that.  Each to their own, as long as they are making a worthy effort.  Essentially the rule is;

< In this case the A list is their bedroom. >

A list + 1 chore from the B list = An Opportunity to earn tokens by doing a chore on the C list.

A child can choose to NOT do a chore.  The natural consequence is they do not have access to electronic games or their favorite show on Netflix.  It’s their choice.

Chores not done on the B list can become an opportunity to those who seek it out.

The guiding principle in our house is  1 Chore + Homework assignments = Access to Job for Hire / Electronic devices/ or Extra Cool activities

You may have a younger crew to work with.  I have linked Over the Big Moon‘s Pre K Chore Chart.  She has blank ones you can use to customize and she has completed ones.  Click the the picture below for the link.

Pre K chore Chart

This was something I had pinned a while ago.  It looks like the link is broken or the item is no longer being sold by IdahoMomof2 on Etsy.  However it is still a great visual for anyone willing to try and make it at home.

Hook Chore Chart

Going through my old blog post I came across this amazing Family Center.  Click on the picture to go check out my old posting or other printable charts… or go to Katherine’s post on her Organization Center directly to see all the details!.

Family Center

Finally if you need more details, you should take a look at Aussie Pumpkin Patch’s Schedule/ Chore Chart.

Quickly Pin those great ideas and then it’s time to continue the March forward to the next ring on our chart!

The Homeschool Ring

Jobs For Hire

The Making of Our Board


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