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The Brain & The Nervous System

The Brain & The Nervous System Posted on December 10, 2013Leave a comment

The day before Thanksgiving we flipped to the Science card.

In 2013 we started “strewing” and loved it.  This is the book the kids love to go through right now…


The day before Thanksgiving we flipped to the Science card.

Our last lesson was on the skin and the skeletal system. Which meant for us it was time to discuss the Brain!


When considering your “lesson plan” I would recommend starting with Make Me Genius Free Powerpoint Presentations.  Followed by the videos and any activity you decide on.  (After trying a couple places out we find the kids get the most out of the Make Me Genius videos!  )

For three of the kiddos we followed up with a Scholastic Human Body Read & Write Booklet.  If you enjoy Notebooking for your Homeschool, than these mini-notebooks might be right up your alley.


To learn more about the brain in another way I used the Brain Hemisphere Hat project that you can find at Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop.  I encourage you to explore the additional subjects at her site. Definitely Pinterest worthy activities!


Make Me Genius also offers a free quiz on their site.

One other helpful resource we used to cover the brain and nervous system are the suggestions & games found at Neuroscience For Kids.

Our next science lesson will be the heart and circulatory system.  What resource are you using to teach the human body?


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