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The Big Picture

The Big Picture Posted on September 9, 20131 Comment

This took 3-4 years of trial and error, before I found something that worked for me.  I am grateful for the free printables other bloggers have provided over the years.  I killed a couple of trees in your honor and in return it only seems natural that I share my Sparta-like victory with you…

The Big Picture or The Master Planner

I tried to use block planning… and failed.  Block planning works great when the minions are cooperating.  I contribute a lot of my hair loss to this part of the research phase.

The truth is sometimes getting out to meet other homeschoolers was a chore because of the schedule we had created for ourselves.  Sometimes appointments or errands seem to get in the way.   The teacher planner had a lot more spaces to plan… in the end it wasn’t for me.  Really its geared to handle 30 students at a given time.  4 minions, I think is my limit.  Thank you for asking.

Additionally I needed a central communication board.  At one glance all the adults can find out whats going on for the week/ month.  It all serves us as a reminder of where everyone is.

Master Planner 3

Since I am not good with straight lines, I asked my dedicated partner to help me make this.

  • I like to have my Saturday & Sunday blocks next to each other for ease of planning.
  • You will also notice that more than 30 days are on the board, which helps me keep an eye on whats coming up next month.
  • Note the use of different colored inks?  Its not color coded in any particular rhyme or reason.  Your type A organizer would have put this to use more efficiently.  Me? Red ink denotes.. “Hey you! Keep an eye on this!”  The rest of the colors are for aesthetics and to keep me from getting bored.

Instead of a the barely used Teacher’s Planner I am now using a Martha Stewart/Avery calendar in conjunction with my Central Wall Center.

Monthly View:

Master Planner 1

Weekly View

Master Planner 2

Take note of the extra space at the bottom and the priority task list on the right. 

**If your a parent with a slew of after school or extracurricular activities.  I recommend getting a calendar or planner with Morning/ Noon/ Evening slots.  Additional Tasks and Project spaces would be a plus.

Master Planner 4

This allows me to see what is going on at a glance and also what is going on across the different areas of our lives.

  • webinars
  • business events
  • social media planning/ reminders
  • homeschool meetups
  • field trips
  • local events
  • my WGU assigments
  • and lapbooks/projects we are working on.

I hope this gives you a good idea of our Master Planner works.  Basically, I don’t have time to beat myself up about it and honestly neither do you.  Try it.  if it doesn’t work then fiddle with it.  Find your Flow.

Ok.  That should cover the Master Planner or the Big Picture as it applies to the ClinesI don’t know why I felt the need to share this project, but it seemed important.  Just love me.

“I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble” ~Helen Keller


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