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Sticky Mosaic Tiles

Sticky Mosaic Tiles Posted on January 29, 20136 Comments

I am not very artsy or crafty but we did stumble on to a fun sensory activity…

Sticky Mosaic Tiles!

MosaicTilesSpatial orientation and 3-D colorful tiles… I think the minions found their happy place!  To top it off the kits are reasonably priced.  I loved that some of them were color-number oriented, there is a word for it but it slips my mind…

All four kiddos had a blast with these!  Try them! Try them and see for yourself! You can find them in almost every craft store, Amazon has them, and you can shop directly from 🙂

The best part is that we found that there were extra tiles to do some creative play! < I was pleasantly surprised by the self-sponsored creative play. >

Art2< Pinkalicious’s Family Portrait >Art3< LiL Man was very proud of his creation! He also decorated his token box with the same styling.  Very happy kid 🙂 >

Ayleene< Purplicious admires her handiwork hanging in the Reading Nook. The walls of the house are very well adorned with the art work. >

Sadly, I have yet to find a way to purchase single sheets of tiles.  The solution that came to mind was that I must kit-nap them!

Then behold! I found this Magnetic Mosaic Tile kit!

MagneticMosaicTileStill that won’t stop me… I have seen some foam letters and shape stickers that I want to give to the minions the next time they feel the urge to be creative.

After all, the fun must continue!


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