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Shark, Attack!

Shark, Attack! Posted on December 29, 20117 Comments

Once a week (sometimes schedules are crazy and it ends up being every other week),
A couple of us get together to Explore the World of Science.
The cool thing about Homeschooling, is that nowhere does it say you have to buy everything yourself,
What resources you are limited to!
Mrs. S ask this Wonderful Lady to come over
and teach Science to our kids

Currently we are using this series… We highly recommend it for your studies!


Crazy good info!
                                             …and for good measure…
Did You Know?
Ok so here we go….
Nicko-san’s Prize catch!
They say ‘a picture can say a thousand words’… but I think you would probably enjoy these videos more!
Shark Video Part 1
Shark Video Part 2

If you are not able to get your hands on a shark or would like to skip the Mess…
Check out this Awesome resource from Kids Zone about Shark Facts!

I don’t know about you,
but our school had earthworms and crickets that we dissected
What do you remember dissecting?

7 thoughts on “Shark, Attack!

  1. that is cool! I found you from blog hop and I am glad that I did! I hope to home school my daughter too, but she is only two. We are starting home school preschool Jan 2nd. I did actually dissect a shark in high school and many other cool stuff. I hope that you can follow me

  2. My kids are dying to do a dissection but I can't find anywhere that will sell a kit here in the UK because they no longer allow live dissections only virtual:( I even tried to buy a fish at the market but they would sell me one without out the insides removed. How crazy is that!! Thanks for following and I am following back. Did I read your husband is deployed? Mine goes away for the first time next year and I am really nervous about it:(!! Happy New Year

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