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Secular Rising Higher Homeschooling Blog Hop

Secular Rising Higher Homeschooling Blog Hop Posted on October 4, 2017Leave a comment

If you saw From Sea Blog to Shiny New Blog Roll, you might be wondering…

What is going to happen to the Blog Hop?

I will carry on the blog hop here as a separate entity.
It will no longer be a direct affiliation of the SEA website but will continue to support the SEA policy in pursuit of sharing secular bloggers and secular resources.  Basically I’m doing what I need to do and going where I need to go.
The primary focus of this blog hop is on sharing what makes you stronger and wiser in your homeschool.  Come and share with us what inspired you or how you are managing your homeschool!
Psst!  If you want to start your own secular blog hop to fill a different focus, please do so and then let me know so I can support your hop!

Guidelines for the Rising Higher Blog Hop:

  1. Include the blog hop graphic or a link back to the Blog Hop Post.
  2. Each month you can link up to 3 posts from your blog. Make sure you use the exact URL to the post.
  3. You do not need to have a blog to participate.  You can upload a picture or linkup with your Instagram post’s URL!
  4. The linky for the Blog Hop will go live the 1st day of each month and will close the last day of each month.
  5. This is a secular blog hop.  We are all inclusive and therefore people of all faiths can participate!  Keep in mind faith-based posts or resources will be removed.  Please link only your secular related posts.
  6. If your blog in general contains a mixture of faith and secular content, please use a secular-education or secular-homeschooling tag in your categories, and then use that to link up with this blog hop.
  7. Sponsored product reviews or Affiliated marketing posts are only accepted if they are related to the monthly homeschool theme AND they are clearly marked as “sponsored” or marketed content.

I am in the middle of a move but once I get my feet on the ground I will continue to use my personal blog to reach out to share and support other secular bloggers.  I once was a not-secular-enough homeschooler.  I know that some of us are at different places in our secular homeschooling journey and that we all need a place that supports and encourages us.  I hope you will join me in creating a way for secular homeschoolers to continue rising higher wherever they are.

What is happening in our homeschool this month?

Last month I took a couple of bucket list trips and I brought back a couple of interesting things for our homeschool.  From Amsterdam, I picked up a reprint of an A.B.C. booklet titled, Instructions for American Serviceman in Holland during WWII.  It was a quirky pocketbook created by the United States War Department to help soldiers navigate and understand the country they were in.  From Paris I picked up Monuments that Tell Stories of Paris.  I was impressed with how they made each monument interesting and I knew immediately which child would devour this book.  It turns out I was right.

It was a busy month were we packed our belongings in Germany and shipped them to Korea.  It was a process that took a couple of days and when the packers took a pause, the kiddos brought out their NERF guns.  Neko decided I needed to have a turn and cornered me in the kitchen with a pep talk. “Take this gun and go out there!” I was so amped up by his motivating speech that I fired on everyone, including members of my own team.  Apparently Neko’s pep talk didn’t include any of that and we had a good laugh.

Neko’s Curiosity Crate from Vsauce came in and we were once again impressed with our selection.

We have study chocolate in the past and had a horrible experience with a chocolate making kit.  When we saw the Ritter Sports community outreach program roll into town, we jumped at the chance to make our very own chocolate bars!

Lil Man is still working on becoming more fluent with his reading.  His current pleasure is Attack of the Zombie Goldfish.  It’s his first chapter book and he is excited about it, so move over BOB books, Zombies are coming!  Really though, why can’t I find a Plant VS Zombie reading program? Is that really too much to ask?

In this empty house, the rest of the kiddos made the most of what was available.  They pulled out puzzles and worked on them together.  We tried our hands at scratch art and mostly found it irritating.  Khan Academy and going to the local Homeschool P.E. activities made up the rest of our homeschool days in September.

This month has been particularly interesting because the twin tweens suddenly became more emotional than normal.  Yep, because of all the budding hormones I now carry a can of deodorant spray in my purse.  Is that normal?

What about you? How are you doing?

Link up and tell me about it!

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