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Power Rangers Unite!

Power Rangers Unite! Posted on February 10, 2013Leave a comment

All week it was bright and warm.  The one day in the week I planned for Lil Man’s birthday was blah… Seriously all wet, gray, and windy. The very next day, in the wee hours of the morning… the sky decided to get the blah out of its system.  I awoke today to another bright, sunny day… with birds tweeting. Thank you Mother Nature!

So somehow with the help of the Cali Queen, I managed to rearrange my small home for an indoor party… What a Blast!

< Imagine a rave party… for a 5 year old! >

Power Ranger Birthday party 3Here are some of the Rave attendees before the sugar high…

Power Ranger Birthday party 2I have been complaining that the house is a bit small but after this party… it feels roomy! You couldn’t help but be up close and personal… LoL

Power Ranger Birthday party 1Two thumbs up for a way cool kid! Since the day you were born, you have had a mind of your own… there is a certain way to do things… including the way you eat ice cream!

Power Ranger Birthday party 4Happy Birthday to Mommy’s little hero!


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