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Phoenix Rising Higher Blog Hop Nov 2017

Phoenix Rising Higher Blog Hop Nov 2017 Posted on November 3, 2017Leave a comment

Welcome back to the Phoenix Rising Higher Blog Hop!

We are now homeschooling in Korea! How exciting is that? New food-new culture-new places to explore!

Take a look at what’s happening in our homeschool this month

What makes this experience slightly different is that we are now living in a potential war zone. To help prepare for that eventuality we participated in a scheduled noncombatant evacuation drill. No one was allowed to take pictures for OPSEC reasons (operational security is basically any information that could aid the enemy) but what I can tell you is the process helps everyone become familiar with evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. Afterwards we had a chance to ride in a Chinook Helicopter, where we met another homeschooling family. When we were all done, we started walking towards the bus. Our new friends caught up with us and offered to take us home. Which was great because we discovered they lived across the hall from us!

Eating ice cream with our new homeschooling friends

This week we met with other homeschoolers at a bookstore because a bunch of us are interested in learning the Korean language. The bookstore owner hosts several classes and she is interested in doing one for the kids. I am personally interested in coming back for one of the regular classes but I have already stretched myself thin this week. For now, I settled on adding these books to our reading library.

The biggest hurdle we had to face in this move was the shock to our immune system! We couldn’t breathe the first week we were here. We are no longer hacking up a lung and we are all doing better, but it still feels like our bodies are constantly fighting something. We have to breathe the air and drink the water, so hopefully this means our bodies are dealing with the particles that we can’t see.

Halloween was a blast…or a bust.

It really depends on how you see it. I pretty much had the kids convinced that we didn’t need costumes to have a good time. They were ready to stay home and help me pass out candy! Sounds too good to be true? Well it was. Finding costumes for kids is a chore and our little store on post was already out of anything 10+. Eventually I would love it if we learned how to sew our own costumes. So I thought up a win-win solution. Instead of paying $30-$50 per costume, how about they each get a LEGO set? They were excited about this and I thought I had Halloween settled. I even bought an extra bag of the good candy to makeup for the Trick-or-Treating we were NOT going to be doing.

In a apartment tower setting the rule of thumb, is to knock on doors with decorations. Here is my $5 attempt to lure Trick-or-Treaters in.

My mistake was bragging to my new friends about how we were taking it easy this year. They came to our rescue and threw open their closet doors to help my minions find an outfit! My kids threw themselves into it with glee. Traitors. This change of plan meant I had to psych myself up with last minute Trick-or-Treating strategies.

Neko was staying home to pass out candy and I was taking my three butterflies out to navigate three towers with twelves floors, in two hours or less. Mission accepted. It went flawlessly. Except for the part where I looked like the crazy obnoxious lady barking orders. Here are the ones I remember saying:  Dive, Dive, Dive! -this meant, everyone head to the next floor and In and Out, Pass the Door! – because my kids were trying to be nice and hold the door on every floor. They were even waiting for people on the next landing to come down to the door!

For the most part we rode the elevator to the top and walked down. However, in one of the towers the lobby was packed full of people trying to get on the elevators. I am a little impatient so I convinced the kids we could do this faster by walking the stairs. We managed to get up and down 30 minutes faster that I had estimated so I chalked it up to our P.E for the week. Conquering the towers, we went home with our goodies. Now comes the questionable part. Once we were home I had the kids empty their bags and set aside a handful of candy they wanted. Then I brought out Pokemon plushies that I have been hiding in my closet. I told them they could trade the rest of their candy for two small plushies or one large one, but they needed to act quickly so we could give the extra candy to the Trick-or-Treaters. They didn’t even hesitate. I quickly gave Neko the rest of the candy and instructed him to give out larger handfuls. Not realizing my man-child has hands twice as big as mine, the candy disappeared in 20 minutes. I realized my mistake too late and didn’t manage to get a treat this year! Ooops. You win some, you lose some.

What did your October look like? Leave a comment or join the Hop to tell me all about it!

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What is happening in your homeschool this month?

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