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Mischief in Oppenheim

Mischief in Oppenheim Posted on September 21, 2015Leave a comment

Who can resist an underground tour of a city?

I for one was excited when our homeschool group arranged an English tour of the underground labyrinth of Oppenheim.  Tunnels that span about 25 miles under the city!

Turns out the kids were excited too.

Apparently the kids thought it would be fun and threw all caution to the wind as they disappeared down tunnels not marked by the tour!  I suddenly found my hands full playing a full size game of Whack-a-Mole!  I decided that I should probably invest in leashes the next time we go underground.

After a stern talking to remind them of the danger of being by eaten by their mother, we came across a section with statues… Neko was brave enough to stand in the shot – as long as I promised not to blink.


This was a wonderful eye-opening way to explore the local history and culture of Oppenheim.  Outside of Strasbourg and Cologne, Oppenheim has the most amazing Gothic cathedral. Overlooking the city of Oppenheim is the Landskron Castle’s ruins where the city host it’s medieval and theatrical festivals.  It also has a wine museum as the area is known for it’s wine producers and it’s wine festival.

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If you get the chance to visit one of our favorite places, don’t pass it up!

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