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The Making of Our Board

The Making of Our Board Posted on September 1, 20133 Comments

Now that I have the wall space and I am back up on my feet, I think its time to put a Central Job Board up.

I needed something that would tie into the tools we are using to reward our kids and to also allow them the opportunity to be responsible.

I lusted after the Menu boards that  my friends made for me.  Some of them were really cute but they didn’t flow for us.  < Some of them were so cute… I really did mean to take pictures of them before giving them away… Ooops >

I grew up in the era of the spinning wheel chore chart.  I despised it.  Of course I came across other neat chore charts… made for the only child.  I loved them it, but it was not enough to lust after them.  Plus to put up 4 of them… well they would take up a lot of space.  I could not fathom the space for 4 charts or boards… could you? >  Maybe it seemed like a lot of work…  in some cases that wasn’t a big enough deterrent to keep me from trying it out.  I simply had to know for myself.

Remember as I walk you through this process… Function, Flexibility, and Flow were the virtues I was seeking.  Plus I had an oil drip pan that demanded to be reused.  A trip to Staples was in order…

The Making of the Board

This is what I came up with at first…

Job Board 1

I might decide to make nicer name tags… but I am not the crafty genius on the block.  I am currently enlisting the help of a talented soul, so definitely check back to see the modifications!

Initially I was inspired by a pack of study note cards I picked up from an education store in Harker Heights, Texas.  < It save me the time of punching the holes in the corner. >

Study Buddies

< I have a couple of great examples of chore charts on my Pinterest: Home Management Board. >

The ideas and need to overcome my frustration of Mondays that didn’t work out the way I wanted to… when I wanted to… have been stewing for a while.  I survived but I nearly drove myself crazy every time someone became sick or something unexpected demanded my attention.   My whole schedule was thrown off and I often found myself stressed with playing catch up.  How does anyone get anything done around here?  If I didn’t respect my time and resources, who would?

My solution was to make a “priority list.” 

1.  Make an A (urgent) list,

2.  Make a B (important/ not urgent) list,

3.  Make a C (other) list. 

Do everything on list A first, then B, and then C.  In other words rotate the list as you complete them. 

If you have used a Franklin Covey Planner system… well this is my simplified version of it.  < While taking notes in my recent studies, it turns out this A, B, C list is a great time management / efficiency tool. Kudos to me for being naturally drawn to a Win-Win! >

The key to making the priority list work is the motivation behind it.  As a homeschooler I now had to accept I was not racing against anyone but myself.  I had to unlearn somethings and adapt to the new change.  This allowed me the freedom to be in the moment.  This encouraged me to accept my kids for who they were and where they were.  There was no demand to make them be something they were not.  By that same grace it provided an opportunity to create an environment of success.

I had to get over my OCD.  I had to appreciate the best effort and be an active participant in the work of my minions.  It might be easier to do it myself, but it does nothing to prepare them for life.

I am only pointing this part of my learning process out because sometimes we get caught up in demanding “perfection” that we immobilize our ability to do more.  *Note*  This board is not meant to demand perfection.

When things came up, I was no longer stressed about catching up.  We streamlined our lives and we traveled at a speed that was efficient for our needs.  I have to say, we are happier for it… and that has made all the difference.

It is a reminder that our family is a team and each of us must motivate ourselves to get things done.  We all contribute to this space.  We live here.  We laugh here.  When we do good things for our space, we do good things for ourselves.  We all benefit for our awesome attitudes.  We are all keys to making this a better place.  < This is essentially the Family Team Pep talk I gave when I introduced the board to my family. >

Finally after putting it thru a trial run we arrived at what works for us.

Job Board 7

I decided to break down the sections of our board making.  Enjoy!

The Chore Ring

The HomeSchool Ring

Jobs for Hire


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