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Leather Bookmarks, Bracelets, and Keychains

Leather Bookmarks, Bracelets, and Keychains Posted on August 13, 2012Leave a comment

I LOVE hands on learning!

Leather making can be a wonderful Life skill if not a beautiful craftsmanship!

*My camera died before I could take pictures of the art work on display around the home and the beautiful knife handles and wallets.  Gorgeous! Your just gonna have to take my word for it!*

The Homesteading Queen hosted this event at her place.  Her husband graciously (and patiently) guided and instructed the 12 kids who showed up for the class.  They were all so well behaved you didn’t realize they were all there!!!

Each took their turn selecting the symbols they wanted to use.  And again they took their turn to stain the leather.

Here is Neko’s handiwork:

The Kids had a Blast making bookmarks, wristbands, and key chains!  The wristbands were our favorites!

What kind of craft do you think you will have a blast learning?

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