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Labor Day Thoughts

Labor Day Thoughts Posted on September 2, 2013Leave a comment

Hopefully you have made the most of your weekend!

I’m taking a moment to be Thankful for Labor Day, and here is why…
Weekends.  8 hour work day (compared to 12 hours).  My kids don’t have to go to work to support our family.  My kids don’t have to work 8 hours + in dangerous work conditions.  

Labor Day is about the power of association with people who had an interest in making the world a better place.

A place of prosperity and well-being for all.

Its easy to look down on someone who works everyday in our communities.  Instead of looking down on them, take a moment to Thank them…

  • The Trash disposal guy…  You took it to the curb but he has to dispose of it for you.  Oh and he has to go through it too. Ewww.  By the way if you have never been to the end of that line, that place smells wonderful.
  • The Mailman or UPS/FEDEX gal who delivers your packages in the rain, heat, and snow. Even the one who moves too fast/ too slow for your preference.
  • The Nurse who has been on his feet all day dealing with “interesting” characters.  The things they see on a daily basis… I am amazed at the ones who are still optimistic and can still return a smile.
  • The frozen burrito factory worker (yes the one in our country) who can’t feel her finger tips… hours after she has gone home.

There are plenty more but remember they are all human beings.  Each of them are willing to do a job you have decided you don’t qualify for, don’t have time for, or simply you are not willing to do.

They are all members of our community and we benefit from their services.  Wherever you go, what ever you do, treat my brothers and sisters well.

Serve them as you would have them serve you.  We are all in this together.

Happy Labor Day!

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