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Joyful Cline Moments

Joyful Cline Moments Posted on May 13, 2013Leave a comment

Mothers need to know they are loved and appreciated… not just this one day but throughout the year.  For me it is the moments we share that I will remember the most.

Here are some of our favorite moments from this Mother’s Day weekend…

One of our favorite outings is to spend time at Barnes and Nobles.  Sometimes we split up.  Lil Man went with Honey Bear on this occasion and the rest of us stayed in the children’s section.   After a while Lil Man was tired and ready to go…

“Dad, just pick a book!”

“No, I am looking for a book I want to read.”

… a moment later… Can I pick a book for you?” ~ Very helpful, that one.


Most of the weekend was really about swinging on the front porch while watching the kids learn to ride their bikes.  They really are fast learners… I think training wheels lasted 24 hours.  Torquing them on and off within a few hours was really annoying.  I think we stripped a screw which then required a hammer and 2 adults to demonstrate what a pretzel looked like.  Finally, when it was off we vowed never to use them again.

We were rewarded with shouts of Watch this…” followed by scrapes and bruises, and a repeat of the previous activity. I am pretty sure my Mommy of the Year award was in question…

Cuts(This is nothing compared to the gash on his arm from the wipe out, which of course looked worse the second day…)

At one point we gave ice cream to the kiddos to make up for the extreme pain they were putting themselves through for the sake of fun.  Lil Man turned to me and asked… “so when we get hurt, we get ice cream?”  Uh-oh, better stock up on the ice cream…


Logically speaking we learned…

“Princesses don’t eat human food.”~ What do they eat?

( Honey Bear suggests pellets… )


The best way to go down the stairs is on your belly.

It’s only okay when Dad does it first…


I turns out Neko likes Choose you own Adventure and Mystery Books.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to read another book.  The Magic Tree house?  No go.  Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief? Luke warm at best.

Legend of the Ghost Dog? Oh Heck yeah!

We did a little dance… we thought we looked cool.


“Can we ride our bikes now?” ~  Apparently, there is never a bad time to ride bikes.


Michael Westen (Burn Notice) has a fridge stocked full of yogurt.  We picked up 3 cases of Chobani yogurt this weekend because it was the perfect “Spy food” and of course it can’t hurt. Right?


Ok … practicing with Lil Man to count to 10 in order.  We learned you have to be careful what you ask for…

He was quick to respond with “10” ~ Hmmm, frustrating but legit. Back to the drawing board.


Somehow we ended up eating out at McAlister’s because I was reminded that I shouldn’t cook on this particular day… How can I say no to McAlister’s and a Rootbeer XS?

Mothers Day meal2After a couple of errands and plenty of requests to buy them something at every stop, I was starting to feel like the kids were really trying to take advantage of this day for their own purposes.  So as we piled into the car I looked into the rear view mirror and said…

“You know today is a special day to let mom know you love her… where are my gifts?”

The look on their faces and the silence was priceless… One finally piped up.  “I have a gift for you when we get back home.”

The other 3 adorable minions breathed a sigh of relief… they had 15 more minutes to come up with something.  When we arrived back at home I received the perfect gift… a big wet kiss on my cheek.  The rest of the minions were saved by their Dad who fixed the hinges of the heart cabinet for me.  A perfect place to display my collection of tea cups.

“Can we ride our bikes now?”

Yeah sure why not…


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