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Jobs for Hire

Jobs for Hire Posted on October 17, 20133 Comments

Jobs for HireJob Board 1

Alright finally we reached the bottom.  This is where I had a little bit of a problem.  The adhesive magnets would not stay on the clipboards.  So I found this magnetic holder and placed it at the top.  As you can see I placed a sticker on the front that says Jobs for Hire.  They can do these at any time but only get paid when the the school work and chores are done.  The only change is we are no longer using the red tokens (25 cents).  Everything is in dollar increments, both in payment and at our store.

Job Board 6

I also found these Magnetic pockets at the Dollar Tree.  I pay tokens for these jobs and these worked great to hold what they earned for the day.  I find it works best if you review the work, place the chore card under their name (so they can see what is left in the Jobs for Hire section), and pay on the spot.

Job Board 5

Ta da!

The Job Board hangs in a high traffic area.  Right next to my Master Planning board.  The best feature for me is that it I can modify the board as we need to match our work flow!

Job Board 7

What is working for you right now?

Move forward and find the solution that works for you! 

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