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It’s Pink.

It’s Pink. Posted on May 9, 2014Leave a comment

When I was a child our Dad color coded our wardrobe.

As the only girl it was instinctively pink.

Somewhere inside of me grew this dripping disdain for the color pink.  If I had an option I wanted anything besides the color pink.

Now that I have options it’s not such a big deal.  Pink is actually pretty nice.

Holidays are also nice.  Like the color Pink.  Really it is just another day.  Just like Pink is just another color.

Which brings me to Mother’s Day.  It just seems like so much pressure to set this day aside and celebrate it.. when we should be thinking about it through out the year.  I prefer random acts of love throughout this year instead of this jam packed madness.  Why can’t those restaurants offer their special menu the day before or after?  Space it out!  What about those who don’t have Moms?  But hey.  It is what it is.  And me? I like a reason to eat or sleep in.  Don’t twist my arm.  But if we skipped it.  I am not sure if I would miss it…

When the kids were tots I enjoyed those little handprints or homemade gifts.  The part I didn’t like was what was I suppose to do afterwards?  Do I keep it or throw it away?  So I do my best to avoid making this a big deal.  My kids already make me a weekly mountain of letters and pictures.  With that comes the emotional baggage of throwing away a priceless crayon masterpiece… Will I miss in 20 years? Nope. Ok well maybe just this one right here…

In 6 years I have been really good at getting away without more art work.  Breakfast in bed or dinner out was nice and sleeping in… this is a terrible day to do it.  I would rather “help” them finish so my house is still in one piece.  Hugs are simple and beautiful.  I could live on hugs forever!

So here it is.


A box is on my front porch.  It’s personalized.  That’s what it says and it makes me nervous.  

Because someone paid money for something nice and now it is my Motherly duty to display it.  *Crap* 
For a fleeting moment I think about opening the box and taking a peek.  I decide it’s not fair.

I wait until Honey Bear makes it home.  It seems forever but finally we are together.  He was going to make me wait until the day of… but thankfully he knows me better.  Besides this new found anxiety over a gift might kill me.

I open it.  I cry…


It’s Pink & I love it!

It’s my new favorite thing… and I know exactly what to do with it! 😀

Happy Mother’s Day Winkes!

Did you get your Mom a Pink thing or did you let her sleep in?


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