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If we go to the patch…

If we go to the patch… Posted on October 15, 2013Leave a comment

Our homeschooling group is heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and I must confess.  I have mixed feelings about it…

If I go to the pumpkin patch, I am going to have to buy a pumpkin.
If I buy a pumpkin, I am going to have to carve it.
If I carve a pumpkin, I will have pumpkins seeds and guts all over my kitchen.
If I have pumpkin guts all over the place, then I am going to want to make a pumpkin pie.
While that pumpkin pie is baking, I will have to clean up the pumpkin explosion in my kitchen because I will need some place to put that pie…
When that pie is done I will have a hard time waiting for it to cool, so I will end up shoving pie in my face and burning my mouth.
If I burn my mouth eating a slice of pie, I will want a glass of milk to cool it down.
When I am done, I will remember all the sweet memories of my kids looking for the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch…
Which of course will make me want to take them back to look for another one.

It’s a vicious cycle I tell you!

Pumpkin truck

Do you have a picture of your trip to the patch? Or a picture of your pumpkin carved?  If you send in a picture and a caption via my email at I will be happy to share it on our next pumpkin patch post!

Need a template? Here are 78 Geeky Templates you can use for your pumpkin.

< Also start thinking about your favorite fall recipe.  I am looking for a new one to try!  Send me a picture and a recipe you would like me to try and to consider sharing here on my blog. >  😀


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