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Homesteading Heritage Fair

Homesteading Heritage Fair Posted on December 3, 20122 Comments

Instead of risking our lives with busy holiday shoppers we took our chances with Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott, Texas… a little north of Waco, Texas to check out a fair dedicated towards sustained living.

BarnThe Homestead Heritage Visitors Center is open year round and includes a Cafe and Store for your convenience.  The Homesteading community hosts two events, a Homestead Fair (Nov 23 -25th) and a Sweet Sorghum Festival and Labor Day Open House in September.  It was a wonderful opportunity to view traditional skills and crafts up close.

Traditional CraftsThe first place we had to check out was the bees… You would have thought they were old news… but it turns out it’s our favorite kind of news since the Oh Honey! field trip.

PicMonkey CollageNext we had to check out the petting zoo.  I was pretty impressed they had puppies running around with the bunnies… While the kids caressed their new found friends, my breath was taken away by this sink… ingenious!

< I was surprised about the warm water… later we saw the solar heating display which probably explains it? >

PicMonkey Collage3We took upon ourselves to sample brick oven pizza…

Brick oven… and I absolutely loved their eggnog and hot apple cider! < Lil man was very upset about not being able to try the press out for himself.  He thought the crowd gathering to watch them work was actually a line to work the press.  Poor guy needed a time-out, but calmed down once he realized he wasn’t being singled out of something “special.” >

Apple PressMy favorite purchases of the day was a laundry plunger < this laundry system needs to be a part of my ark! > and a Popsicle Stick Math book. the other hand, this is what the kids would have wanted us to buy.

ChicksWhat I really liked about this place was that it was not afraid to embrace technological advancements and ideals as long as it served to benefit the community way of life.  I loved how they came together providing vendors throughout the fair to provide an economic balance on a local scale.  As I work on my own college degree it’s not hard for me to see this community and dream about bringing a similar business model to local communities.  < I also loved the simple denim dresses the girls wore… not the fancy ones you can buy in their store online.  Know where I can find some? >

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!  Since the drive is a little long to make on a regular basis… I think we will take advantage of their store until the next time we are in town.

PicMonkey Collage2“You cannot transcend what you do not know.  To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself.”  ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

You cannot transcend what you do not know


2 thoughts on “Homesteading Heritage Fair

  1. Very cool family outing! I’m definitely going to make my way there sooner than later. Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. We read about the event but weren’t able to go this year. It will be a must do next year. Great pictures. It looks like the kids had a great time!

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