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Happy Birthday Neko!

Happy Birthday Neko! Posted on November 18, 201510 Comments

One of my favorite characters was born on this day.

No, I don’t mean Calvin and Hobbes (November 18, 1985).

I’m talking about my son, Neko.

This guy has brought a lot of joy into my life.  He has also been the reason a groan will escape as I roll my eyes.  He does like to talk my ear off. I’m told I did this to my parents as well. I’m sorry Dad.  I now know more things about the games he plays and about some guy name Pewdiepie than I ever wanted to know.  We should send Pewdiepie a Christmas card and invite him for dinner.  All of this makes me think he plays too many games and doesn’t spend enough time working on his writing skills.

A week ago, he was trying to convince me why I should let him play Assassins Creed and Fallout3.  I had previously taken them away because they were M rated games and because he started having a bit of an attitude problem. (I don’t believe the games were the reason for the attitude problem.  I blame the “logical” teenage brain for trying to tell the host body why they are above the established rules of the house.  So taking the games was 50% about reestablishing the rules.)

I want him to know I’m listening.  I want him to know I care.  I just don’t want to talk about something over and over again.  Especially when I believe it is a dead issue.  I also want him to know if he is willing to meet me halfway to a solution then I will be there for him.  I want him to apply himself and in the middle of Neko’s speech, a solution presented itself.

“Neko.  If you want to convince me to change my mind about M rated games and the virtue of playing video games, you need to write me an essay.”

Neko shoulder’s sagged and he rolled his eyes. I don’t want to write an essay.”

“If you really want me to understand your position, you need to make a clear argument.”

Neko eyes perked up.  He could make a good case.  This is what he is good at.  He immediately launched into his winning points.

“Stop.  I want it in writing by your birthday.  To make it fair, I will post your essay to my blog and whoever reads it can vote.  Whichever way the vote goes, I will abide by it.”

I think for both of us it was easier said than done.  The very first draft was entirely done in internet slang.  Very humorous but hard on the brain to translate.

Calvin and Hobbes paper plate for the birthday cake
Go Comics, Calvin and Hobbes;

So now the moment of truth is upon us. 

I’m excited that he took this challenge and met it squarely in the face.  The task was rather daunting and he had to learn a lot in a short period of time.  Regardless of which way you vote, I am proud of him.

Good Luck Neko!



M rated games are not bad for you.  According to scientists from the University of Rochester “a first-person shooter games” (like Fallout 4, Black Ops 2 or 3 (BO3), Far Cry 3 or 4) can help you with improving your vision and making 25% faster accurate decisions than a regular person that doesn’t play M rated games.  Adding to the benefits Athabasca University in Canada tells us that men are more likely to get nightmares. They determined that games can help control your nightmare or will help you realize it’s a dream and you can wake up or change it completely.  Current Biology has articles about how M rated games can help kids with anger or stress or depression and even helps dyslexic kids read.  Dr Adam Gazzaley from the University of California said playing video games can help older people’s attention and memory if they play a racing style car game.

Lots of people think that the big companies pay the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to make the game seem worse than it really is. ESRB will make it rated M and put things like “sexual themes” or “drug reference” and you really won’t see any of it most of the time.  In BO3 I’ve seen a lot of game play and I saw nothing sexually in it. It’s just to get 10-17+ year olds to buy it. They want to make it seem like it is the best game ever to make the most cash.  They know if a kid really wants something they won’t stop.  They know that kid will harass their parents over time and the parents will just give up and give it to them. I play Dark Souls 2, Uncharted 3, and Valiant Hearts.  They are rated T but these are just as bad as M rated games. Valiant Hearts is about WWII and it has drugs, blood, violence, and has an emotional storyline.  Now I’m not going to see the (sex) in the games.  I don’t like that stuff.  I will turn off the TV screen or press skip just so I don’t have to see it.  (Me: Go get a room games! I don’t want to see this stuff!!!)

There is a big debate that games cause real world deaths or violence. Lots of people have proven that it doesn’t.  The reason we blame games is because it’s easy to. The games can’t fight back. It’s not because of the games.  It is because they are ether not mature or they are unstable.  No sane mature person would kill. I played M rated games when I was 11 and I didn’t feel like killing anyone or hurting anyone.  I don’t feel like the games influence me badly.  Sometimes there is cussing in the games and I still don’t cuss.

Now I’m really mature. I babysit my little brother and sisters and help do my chores when I’m asked. I saved up my own money to get a PS4 and games. I know kids that are ages 5 to 11 playing M rated games and they seem fine.  I’m 14. I have my moments but I’m well behaved.  I think if I can buy my own PS4 and games, I think I should be allowed to play M rated games.  I think if you can tell what’s right from wrong, good from bad, what’s real from fake, and you are really mature then you should be able to play M rated games.

Thank you for reading this 😀

In return for voting, Neko is offering a $20 gift card to the Playstation Store.  To enter your vote tap the photo below and participate in the giveaway. Tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more about Neko and announce the outcome of the poll.

Click here to Vote!


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Neko!

  1. Good Luck Neko!! I am secretly supporting you! Opps. Well if you win I want to play Fallout 4 with you, if you lose, I’ll get ice cream.

  2. Happy Birthday Neko! It’s hard to believe you are 14!!

    Good luck!

    P.S. You wrote a very well structured essay. Great job!

  3. So I looked at this from a different perspective as I’m not the parent here, nor is Neko my child. If it were my child it more than likely would be no. However, Neko seems as he is a very mature teenager. He also makes a very compelling argument. If the voting goes in his favor, maybe do a contract that talks about his behavior and actions. (What is expected out of him and what is not.) Have Neko sign it. Should he slip on his behavior, attitude, etc apply the consequences that he signed to.

    May the lords be in his favor.

  4. Happy Birthday Neko! I am very impressed that you were able to put your argument into words and that you did research to back up your claims! I also think you did a great job of using examples to prove that you are becoming more mature and can handle playing more adult games.

    No matter which way the vote goes, you should be proud of yourself and I am sure your parents are proud of you too!

    P.S. I am rooting for you!

  5. I want to wish Neko a Happy Birthday!

    I vote he gets the Assassin’s creed.

    Historical fiction adventure, how cool!

  6. Hey sweetie,
    I’m going to argue this both ways!!
    1st of all, yes you should be allowed to play the more mature rated games!
    However with great power comes great responsibility!
    By this I mean that if you’re “old enough” to play these games then you must be mature enough too.
    Which means get good grades, do your chores, respect mom and dad, help with siblings, be a productive member or your community, etc…
    If you expect to have the privileges of a mature person, be sure to display and behave as one too!
    No attitude with mom and dad. Whether you buy it or not you reside in their home, they may revoke privileges no matter if you pay for it or your cool aunt buys it!
    The great thing about this is, if you show the maturity in aspects of your life as I have described, they wont need to punish you and revoke those privileges!

    Btw. Your article is well thought out and well written! Good job!

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