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From SEA Blog Hop to Shiny New Blog Roll!

From SEA Blog Hop to Shiny New Blog Roll! Posted on October 4, 2017Leave a comment

Welcome back Secular Homeschoolers to this month’s blog hop!

In last month’s blog hop several bloggers linked up to show us what secular homeschooling looks like in their home. If you have a moment we ask you support your fellow homeschoolers by visiting and leaving comments.  Any Pins or Tweets will also be appreciated.  Let us know what you found helpful or what you enjoy from your community!

As you know we have been working hard to figure out the best way to help homeschoolers connect with secular bloggers.  We came up with an idea to create a feed of vetted homeschooler bloggers that closely follows SEA’s policies.  The SEA community has expressed a desire to have access to 100% secular bloggers with a focus on academics and we have now made that possible.  Take a look at the pinned post in the SEA Homeschooling Bloggers group for more on how to take advantage of these new changes!

What about this Blog Hop?

Good Question!  See how we are Rising Higher with this blog!

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