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Free Homeschool Schedule Worksheet!

Free Homeschool Schedule Worksheet! Posted on November 21, 20162 Comments

Do you ever get the feeling that you never have enough time in the day to do everything in your homeschool?

If so, you might want to check out our Homeschool Ring solution.  It was created at a time when we wanted to participate in our homeschool community more frequently… but running back and forth left us feeling behind in our studies!

The ring solution organized the chaos and provided a bit more flexibility in our schedule heavy life.  It gave me the breathing room I needed to make homeschooling a success in our home.

Which brings me to a new problem.

How do you get kids to organize themselves when their interests are so varied? As eclectic as we are, certain subjects can easily drop off.  Which leaves us feeling like we are behind.  Earlier this year I found a homework assignment book on the local economy.  It was all in German but it included an A/B week option at the top.  Which worked for us because I had a Week A, B, and C schedule guide for the kids to follow… depending on our commitments for the week.

Once a week I sat down with them and helped them write out their schedule for the next week.  Truthfully, it became tedious to manage with all 4 kids and it did not teach them to manage themselves.  Which is alarming as Neko is entering his high school years.  With that in mind I decided to focus the last couple months on developing life skills.  In particular time management and personal vs group responsibility.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know about this worksheet;

  • Eclectic, relaxed, and unschooling students can use this as a guide.  Simply write in the suggested materials available to them.
  • This worksheet was made with the middle school student in mind.  I have used it for all ages.
  • The student can write chapter numbers or page numbers to show progress inside the blocks.  They can alternatively initial, draw stars/hearts, or color in the block under Mon-Fri to show the work they did.
  • It is set up for 8 subject areas of interest.
  • It allows up to 4 different learning sources for each subject.
  • There are 4 subjects per sheet to allow for a Week A/ Week B schedule.
  • I did not brand these worksheets so feel free to make them your own!

You will also see that the upper right hand corner has 10 red starburst icons and 5 orange starburst icons.  In our home we are using this to keep track of our rewards… and I’ll share how that is working for us in the next post.

I said I designed this with a 9-15 year old homeschoolers in mind.  I am using it for all ages in my household and will probably end up tweaking it on occasion.  Which makes it valuable as a homeschool record in the long run.  If there are any samples or pictures of their work you might want to consider including it in the same binder.

Now for the moment of truth.

I found this on Microsoft’s free templates.  It originally was a workout schedule! It would therefore be unrealistic of me not to expect this worksheet to evolve.  If you decide to use it please let me know how it works for you and what tweak you made to make it work for you.



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