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Finding Adventure in Our Backyard

Finding Adventure in Our Backyard Posted on February 17, 2013Leave a comment

Some of the best wonders are in our own “backyard.”  We met up with our friends for a playdate at the Copperas Cove City’s main park in late September.

The plan of the day was a little nature walk around one of the city parks at Copperas Cove.  We brought our little notebooks and drew the ducks.  Purplicious named one of them “Whitey,” and even to this day reminds us that we have an obligation to return often to taken care of “her.”

Catfish 1Then a truck pulled up to restock the pond and changed our world…

Catfish 2
The day turned out more exciting then I had planned! Awesome!

Catfish 3Give this guy a medal! The kids told him about their Nature Journals.  This guy pulled out a Catfish and held him up for all the kids to see.  Then he pointed out the attributes of a Catfish as the kids drew a fairly realistic replica!

Catfish 4Eventually he had to go.  We decided to head over to the playscape on the other side of the park.  Low and behold, what did we find?

Horse 1We asked permission to approach and the kids loved every minute of it.

Horse 2The boys speculated about this hole in the tree.

Tree1Was anything inside?

Lucky for me, nothing jumped out.  Finally they moved on… slightly disappointed…

Our adventure at an end, we packed up in the car ready to head home…  Suddenly it dawned on me… I have never treated my kids to catfish!  So I changed directions and headed to our local diner, Lil Tex.

Catfish 5Turns out the kids think Catfish is yummy!

Catfish 6

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