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Egg Hunt Dilemma?

Egg Hunt Dilemma? Posted on March 28, 20133 Comments

What does the Easter Egg Hunt mean to you?

For some this is a holiday with religious overtures… is it a Pagan or a Christian holiday?  For some it represents a historical question… Which came first the Bunny or the Egg?  For others this is a day where parents fear their children walking away from the hunt with nothing.  Some have forgotten and think that happiness is when you return home with the same number of eggs you brought to the party.  For others happiness is about overflowing baskets.

… but if it was about the quantity of eggs, why would we bother to fill it?

Some would say this is a day about Hope and Rebirth.  It goes beyond a story or any historical perspective.  I would say that it is a day to remind us to put petty things that divide us… aside.  A chance to get to know each other and celebrate our diversity.  It represents a community coming together.  When we come together, we provide an opportunity to renew our spirits.

Wooden Easter eggs

It doesn’t stop with a simple message, it also provides a valuable life lesson…

In life we know that nothing can be 100% guaranteed.  We can not guarantee that our child can stand at the perfect starting point.  We can not control where the eggs are hidden or which child will find it… unless you are hiding them… in plain sight and in perfect rows like bread crumbs from start to finish.

On the other hand it is an opportunity, as parents and leaders, to teach and train our children how to look and find the treasured eggs in our lives.

Wooden egg 2

The opportunity may look differently for each of us, but it is how we recognize it… and how we seize it… and what we do with it that determines the true value of each egg.

< For a couple of years I tried to avoid this holiday.  A lot of effort goes into it and I am not sure the best lessons are learned that day.  I have seen parents and children who have been greedy or have thrown temper tantrums.  Finally I decided that part of the learning experience is accepting others for who they are… where they are.  The reason for a hunt is the same for any hunt… and that is to sharpen our skills… So, Bring it on. >

Since picking up the holiday again, I came up with some guidelines.  I usually try to hold my kids back for a moment.  This is because everyone gets soo busy they usually miss a bunch.  If the field is saturated with kids who act like vultures and have no manners (and sometimes this is their parents)… I go in search of a better playing field.

  In the end it does not matter what minion 1, 2, 3, or 4 brought home.  We are willing to share it alike and enjoy the spoils of the festivities.  Hopefully years from now they will not remember the number of eggs we held in our grasp…  Hopefully they will cherish the time we spent with them.  They will remember to be grateful that someone took the time to put the game and prizes together.  They will remember the true meaning of Easter…

Please take a moment to genuinely Thank those who the took time to enrich your community.

 It was never about the eggs.  It was about providing an opportunity to bring us together.

Happy Easter Blessings to all!


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