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A Cookie Perspective for Your Homeschool

A Cookie Perspective for Your Homeschool Posted on December 9, 2018Leave a comment

Looking for the perfect Homeschool Curriculum?

Welcome to the club.

To help you answer this question that drives us to research and collect unnecessary homeschool curriculum year after year, allow me to offer you a perspective.

If you were only going to make ONE kind of cookie for the year, what cookie would you make?

If you like oatmeal cookies, then what is going to work for you, it is straightforward and simple. Make oatmeal cookies. You might not like oatmeal cookies because they have raisins in them. So, make peanut butter cookies. But whoa! The person next to you is allergic to your peanut butter cookies, so no matter how much you might love them, you won’t be able to share your favorite cookie. It is okay if other can’t enjoy your favorite cookie like you can.

The point is when we want to make a cookie for ourselves the decision is simple. When someone asks what kind of cookie we like, we can come up with an answer for ourselves. If we know our family well enough, we can even say what kind of cookie they might like. Or can we?

What if we were going to make one type of cookie for our entire family to enjoy, enough for the entire year? If your entire family likes a certain cookie, it’s easy to figure out what to make. However, homeschooling is a little more difficult than the idea of a traditional one cookie family. What do you do when each of those homeschooling families has at least one family member who has a different preference? What cookie would you make to satisfy them all? In our home, the cookie we make is decided by a vote.

Over time homeschooling families figure out what works for them. They come up with their own favorite recipe. Some like packaged cookies and box mixes because the work is done for them. It allows them to enjoy other aspects of homeschooling. Then there are other well-loved cookies that never see the light of day outside of the home. There are no recipe cards to share because making is them is second-nature to the baker.

Finding the perfect curriculum for your family is like deciding which cookie to make. You cannot bake every possible cookie out there. Even when you narrow it down to a type of cookie, there are numerous recipe cards. When all is said and done, you end up picking the one that is the best suited for your situation. Then you get in the kitchen and try it out. Modifying what you like and don’t like. The first time might be a complete disaster, but you learn what works. You learn what you like.

Is one type of cookie better than another?

When you participate in a local cookie exchange, you decide on what cookie to bring. A family favorite or a twist on a seasonal classic. When you get there, you check out the other cookies. Sometimes something new will inspire you. Sometimes it reaffirms why you like your favorite cookies. It doesn’t mean one type of cookie is better than another type of cookie. Heck. I have seen many store-bought goodies win a prize at a bake-off contest. It doesn’t mean you should stop baking cookies at home and only buy store bought ones. Or the store-bought ones are not any good. The cookie baker of the year award doesn’t exist. You are not entering the ultimate cookie bake-off and facing the possibility of nationwide shame. You are making a cookie. A cookie your family is willing to eat.

When looking for the perfect homeschool curriculum, keep in mind what your family is like and what makes them thrive as human beings. Feel free to allow other homeschoolers to inspire you with their favorite recipes, but don’t your family cookies they don’t like to eat.

Take this thought to the next level and challenge your kids to a fun vote on the one cookie they could live with for a year!

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