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Cline Festivus 2016

Cline Festivus 2016 Posted on December 27, 2016Leave a comment

Hopefully your holiday season was merry and bright!

We began our season by going down into the basement to get the decorations… and when we came back up we found our dog had jumped up on to the table, and eaten the last slice of pumpkin pie!

Some of the decorations went up.  Some of them stayed in the basement.  What we couldn’t decide on was a tree we could love.  So while we pondered the question of what the perfect tree would be for us, the kids decorated our table topper.

I was dreaming of a white tree or maybe a neon pink one but the boys were not having it.  I started to waver when the fresh cut tree lots started showing up but then Neko shared with us this Youtube video “Do You Like My Decorations?”… to keep us in the holiday cheer, or so he says

Let me warn you.  It’s horrible.  Don’t watch it.  Don’t let your kids watch it.

Sadly, it is too late for us…

Thanks Neko for the inspiration but really, after too many Christmases with finding too many Christmas spiders in our house, I am already properly motivated!

Finally we came across this pop-up tree and we knew it was for us.

It came with a wire ribbon that didn’t match our decor, which made it hard to initially see it’s potential.  Once the decision was made we had a fun night redressing the tree!

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Overall I think it is a fair compromise between a fresh cut tree and an undecorated Festivus pole.

Or maybe the candy cane stripped tree on the homeschool table makes a better Festivus Pole?  All I know is that it brightens up the room with minimal effort.  Hey don’t judge me.  I’m saving that energy to make cookies with the kids!

This year we borrowed Star Wars cookie cutters and made our Christmas Cookies.

We did all the things families do when trapped indoors with each other.  Watch movies together.  Played games together.

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Earlier this year we spilled the beans and explained the whole Santa operation to the kids.  There was a bit of resistance and as the holidays approached, would “Santa” deliver if they didn’t believe in him anymore?  The kids suddenly remembered that I told them in the past that Santa was trying to be more Eco-conscious and wouldn’t wrap any more presents…. Waaait a minute!  They put two and two together and insisted on getting wrapped presents again.  I felt it was a fair compromise.  I burst their bubbles, they burst mine!

Late at night the elves sneaked in, sprinkling Christmas magic and treats!

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We tried out the Naughty or Nice Beans, with some mixed results.

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What kind of Christmas Bean are You?

Overall we had a silly and laid back holiday!

Wait… Where are all the gingerbread houses and winter activities?

This year we had an opportunity to do those activities with our homeschool friends.

See our 2016 Winter Festivities post!

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