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Cline Festivus 2014

Cline Festivus 2014 Posted on December 29, 20141 Comment

Frohe Weihnachten!

This is the first year we did the Cline Festivus on Christmas…

Which meant the children were woken up with bells on at 1am and were not allowed to go to bed until 8pm! Mwhahahahaha!

When the sun came up we encouraged them to go outside and play – mostly so the adults could play their new video games uninterrupted.

No sugar cubes this year.  Instead the 3 youngest minions created festive scenes with their Legos…

Lil Dragon asked his Dad to help him build the MegaZord – which was a building feat that took almost an hour!

Festivus 2014 Lego

The next day brought the best gift ever – the gift of sleeping in!

While we were enjoying our recovery day I realized that this is the first time we have had someone live above us in an “apartment” structure as a family.

We did try to keep the noise level down but how do you keep all that joy bottled up so early in the morning?

I am pretty sure our neighbors hate us now and probably regret gifting us cookies the day before…

(Which were amazingly good! Is it bad manners to ask for more?)

I only realized after the fact that most parents don’t let the kids out of their beds early – even for Christmas.

Festivus 2014 Christmas

The day after – it snowed!

Each day there has been snow on the ground, the kiddos have been dressed and out the door!

Neko experimented with the hills to see which would help him to slide the farthest – the rest of the minions volunteering as his guinea pigs.

I’m a little sad that the neighborhood kids keep smashing the girls’ snowmen. Battle Buddy even went out and rolled some snow boulders to make a more solid one. It takes courage and dedication to make a snowman with cold wet gloves! Purple Unicorn took heart when I told her some kids are too lazy to make one for themselves and that I was proud of her for making one. She smiled and then ran off of to be Neko’s snow track buddy.

3 days later and it doesn’t matter how cold or wet they are… I have to lure them in with promises of hot chocolate and then trick them into staying inside long enough for the gloves to get dried. Then out the door they go again. Today is no different – Neko has taken them to the park across the street where the potential “hills” offer an exciting new track!

Who knew they were snow babies at heart?

I have really enjoyed this slideshow my Battle Buddy created for me. I hope it will bring you a little bit of warmth into your home as it has brought us!

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr!

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