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Is it Art or is it a Craft?

Is it Art or is it a Craft? Posted on March 9, 20131 Comment

What have we been up to?

The Sweeties have been elbow deep in play-doh…  Seriously.  I offered to take them to the park and they ignored me.  I decided to leave well enough alone.

Playdoh time 1

After a week of that, I needed a change of pace and headed out to a Valentine’s Day party…

Ready. Set. Go!

Valentine Race 4

There was a fierce candy stacking competition…

Valentine Party 1

Neko and a couple of other boys put some engineering principles to help grow their stacks…

In Neko’s case he created a support structure to help stabilize the tower of hearts. 😀

Valentine Party 2

I think he was able to stack his to 13 candy hearts before it fell down.  The girls at first sorted theirs by color and then proceeded to stack.  They each made 3 towers with 6 candy hearts!

How many can you stack?

The following week we gather around the table for a little foam sticker fun and a heart craft.  Last month, a reader left a comment on our Sticky Mosaics post, recommending we give Oriental Trading a go. Can you say… Life Saver!

Art 3

Art 2As long as we had foam stickers in the house there was no rest for my sweet minions.  The kids really had fun showing Aunt Linda what kind of stories they could come up with using cupcake and chocolate foam stickers.  < It’s hard to tell, but they are each different versions of sharing sweet treats with a friend or a stick figure rendition of their sibling. >

Art 1

Week after week, the Sweeties came up with their own creations.  Lil Man hinged two pieces of paper with the foam stickers and made a “book” he was very proud of!  On their own they explored patterns and sorting “like” stickers.

Art 4

After weeks of foam stickers, I am not sure I want to see another one…

I had a hard time convincing the kids that I could not keep every one of their creations.  On one such occasion, I started to “clean-up.”  A very distraught child looked at me with those eyes as if I had destroyed a masterpiece… Only after I promised to take a picture and share it on my blog, were they willing to let most pieces go.  The rest had to be taken care of in silence… when there were no witnesses…

As it turns out, our blog has now replace the refrigerator as the “hall of fame.”

So I guess it probably doesn’t hurt to show you some of my favorites!

It started when I asked the kids if they were ready to have their own room? What kind of beds or decor did they want?  All 4 drew up an artistic representation.  They really took the time to put some thought into it! < I misplaced a couple… Ooops… I’ll put it on my timey-wimey things to do when I get a time machine… >

March Art 2

March Art 1

… and this one I favored because Purplicious used the Brave stamp set and created a story and then came back and embellished it.

March Art 3

< Thank you Queen Della for the donation of construction paper! >

I wonder, from here… what is the next step in the art and craft experience?  What will they surprise me with next?


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