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When we started homeschooling in 2009 we were overwhelmed by the choices available to us. The never-ending search for quality curriculum often led to educational material teaching a religious theory that was not aligned with our beliefs. Like most homeschoolers we came across curriculum that zeroed in on our fears and insecurities and with the big promises came a bigger price tag that did not always guarantee a better education. In the end there were simply too many times where we thought we had the perfect curriculum only to crash and burn by the sheer weight of it. I almost threw in the towel. Luckily with the increase in Secular-Humanist-Freethinker homeschool communities we were connected with amazing resources and able to rise again!

It was a daunting learning curve and a lesson in preserving our sanity. By figuring out what materials and what teaching styles work best for each of our children, we stopped the madness and simplified the way we homeschooled. As Life Learners we find our educational lifestyle is a more organic and natural way of learning.

We Support All Homeschoolers.

In support of the educational revolution, we support and encourage all types of homeschoolers. The best solution is the one that works! For that reason I will continue to support secular materials and teachings but I refuse to participate in polarizing activities. There are two reasons.

The first is I believe secular material and sources that promotes critical thinking are of a higher educational quality. In addition I don’t believe in micromanaging my children’s abilities to think and understand the world for themselves. I am only here to assist them in attaining the information. I believe purposely hiding, deluding, or coloring the information (regardless of the justification) is immoral and detrimental to our children being able to make good decisions for themselves.

The second is I was raised in a fundamentalist religion. I started our homeschooling journey as a devoted believer but with the goal of using secular materials. Over time my experiences convinced me to leave my religious roots. I felt absolutely alone on my journey but was able to do that because of inclusive nonjudgmental groups. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a good inclusive group that offers mutual respect.

On that note, I do not feel the need to delete or white-wash our homeschooling journey. I have updated posts from that time period to indicate where religious sources were used. Where applicable I have suggested secular alternatives. Feel free to leave comments suggesting better resources. In that same spirit I promise, if I happen to include content or post a link to a blog with religious content, I will be straight with you and preface it so you can choose to click through or scroll by.

This is what homeschooling looks like!

When looking for resources, we first try to focus on what is locally available and what is easily accessible. Since we are a military family, our resources can change without notice! The best thing we can do is to make the most of it while we can. The adventure never ends so we hope you will join us as we continue to explore educational materials and the world around us.

  • Its Monday! The first day of the week is a
    It's Monday! The first day of the week is a chill day for us. Today is the day we focus on a deeper clean and putting the house in order for the rest of the week. We intersparse cleaning with frequent breaks. Breaks are either opportunities to read/learn something together or time for you to spend as you please. Some days it is more of one than the other. Occasionally we just knock it all out in one go so we can have the rest of the day for ourselves. It's a crazy balance but we like it. Today, and
  • We read about the Toilet Culture exhibit from a book
    We read about the Toilet Culture exhibit from a book. When we found out it was in Suwon, we had to come and see for ourselves!  #RISEhomeschool   #secular   #inclusive   #unschool   #unschoolers   #homeschoolinglife   #findyoursmile   #southkorea   #expatsinkorea   #pyeongtaektravels 
  • Michiels favorite part of the day is having mom sit
    Michiel's favorite part of the day is having mom sit down with him and listen to him read. My favorite part is when I asked if he wanted to write about snakes, he said no. Because he is not a Slytherin!  #RISEhomeschool   #secular   #inclusive 
  • Loving the new Chess Club our library is hosting! So
    Loving the new Chess Club our library is hosting! So far there are 30 players, children of all ages (including adults), and as more people show up the librarians keeps bring more tables! Found my happy place today and it wasn't too far from home.  #militaryfamilies   #militaryhomeschoolers   #militarykidslife   #librariesrock   #librariesofinstagram   #unschool   #unschooling   #unschoollife   #childledlearning  # #interestledlearning   #homeschoolhappens   #thisishowwelearn   #thisishowwehomeschool   #eclectichomeschoolers   #RISEhomeschool   #secular   #inclusive 
  • Todays adventure takes us on our first hike in the
    Today's adventure takes us on our first hike in the Lunar New Year. We met up with a couple of friends and had a picnic along the trail. What a beautiful day! I hope there are many more like it! . Today was extra special because it was Michiel's birthday and we celebrated with an Oreo chocolate cake! My wish for my son: I hope this year is filled with many happy days. .  #lifeinkorea   #expatsinkorea   #findyoursmile   #findyourhappy   #thislifeofmine   #livingfortoday   #momentslikethese   #keeponwinking   #RISEhomeschool   #secular   #inclusive 
  • Todays adventure takes us on a ski trip with the
    Today's adventure takes us on a ski trip with the twins! We were having so much fun today we didn't realize how sore we were. On our blooper reels: 10 minutes before the park closed we found ourselves on the wrong slope and too tired to attempt it. Next time though, it's a done deal! Thankfully the girls forgave me with promises of hot chocolate. Whew! As we were coming back down with our cold toes and whipped souls Netanya pointed at another slope: "Look mom, the line is short! If we hurry we can go there next!" Looks can
  • Balancing the different facets of my life can be challenging
    Balancing the different facets of my life can be challenging. So going to take a moment and talk about one area that I stuggled with until I decided to keep it simple. There was a time when I forced my kids to do a certain amount of school work. The research and data didn't match up to why it was important, why I had to do it a certain way, so I shifted gears. I decided to do what was best for us. Which was a scary thing to do. They said success has to look a certain way. For
  • We have never done a formal writing program but when
    We have never done a formal writing program but when we saw the Pokemon Paragraph Writing class on  @outschooler  we knew it was perfect for us! Because we have been in and out of town over the last month, the flex style class was perfect for us. The twins love the experience of messaging their teacher and getting feedback about their writing. The workshop ends tomorrow and I am loving hearing about them make plans to continue comic book style!  #creativewriting   #writingprompts   #homeschoollife   #thisishowwehomeschool   #homeeducation   #homeed   #learningathome   #homeschoolfamily   #unschooling   #interestledlearning   #risehomeschool   #secular   #inclusive   #homeschoolers   #secularhomeschool   #pause 
  • The Secular Homeschool LinkUp is live on the blog Link
    The Secular Homeschool Link-Up is live on the blog. {Link in Bio} Come share with us what you are reading and what your favorite books for teaching cultural diversity are!  #booksarefriends   #keepreading   #readtogrow   #readingisknowledge   #books   #bookshelves   #favoritebooks   #instabooks   #RISEhomeschool   #secular   #inclusive 
  • Happy Solstice! The night sky is so bright! To celebrate
    Happy Solstice! The night sky is so bright! To celebrate we picked up some snacks and downloaded a couple books to our Kindles. We enjoyed taking turns reading 'How to Celebrate Winter Solstice' and 'A Gnomes Winter Tale' and learning to embrace the change as nature has. We talked about how important it is to love and respect each other. Then we talked about different traditions and which ones we wanted to participate in. . One twin made a humorous but creepy comic about an Eevee being introduced to Elf on the Shelf. The other twin drew an Eevee for

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