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What a week of Homeschooling Looks Like

What a week of Homeschooling Looks Like Posted on March 11, 2013Leave a comment

Here is what a typical week looks like for us.

Seriously, not a fashion show…

On this particular day the kids were eating breakfast and I decided to do a quick lesson out of the Evan Moor Daily Language Review Book.

March School Day

Neko did his Word of the Day… well instead of “a” word for the day, he does all 5 of them at once.

Lil Man practiced writing the letter G.

Reading time consisted of me reading out loud a Beverly Cleary book and then the girls did a little independent reading with BoB books.

They took turns at the Click N Kids program. < I am really impressed with the progress! >

We also did another lesson with Life of Fred.  Something we all enjoy but we haven’t been consistent with.

Neko also tried out a free trial of an online Math tutor program.

In our Geography lessons we are learning about maps.  We start with Neko’s grade level.  This week we learned about Grid lines and how to find something using coordinates.  Then I let Neko loose on his 5 comprehension questions and went over the grid line lesson for the younger kids.  For the younger kids the lesson had an activity that related to apartment floors.  They were able to follow directions and locate the apartment at 2C and so on.  Their last task was to color their favorite room on the map.

March School Day 2

This last week was very windy.

Surprisingly the kids still wanted to go outside to play in it.

While they were having a good time dancing in the wind…

they rescued this butterfly!

March 5 2013 096It was amazing because the wind was blowing pretty hard… enough to tear the wings?

We left the jar on the front porch and sometime the following day when the wind finally settled down… for a moment… the butterfly took off.

Safe journey my friend!


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