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2013 Guided Schedule

2013 Guided Schedule Posted on January 29, 20131 Comment

Last month I shared one of my secrets for managing our homeschool and keeping my life in balance with Tips to De-Stress.  Again let me remind you this is more of a “Guide” to the week.  We stay pretty flexible and it allows us to explore any interests that may come up.  In the meantime we needed a base to work from and here it is.

January tends to be the start of the new school year for us.  If you notice I have updated the schedule and it looks something like this;

Weekly Class 2013 Schedule A

I decided to add a couple of local homeschooling activities I would like to try and be a part of.  For example, the Harker Heights Library has a homeschooling program.  We will see what happens.  There are a few other activities and adventures to keep in mind and who knows where the tangents in our lives will take us!  < The Creative Kids Theater is an extension of the Fort Hood Homeschool group. >  I figure if we put it up on the schedule where everyone can see there is a greater chance it might actually happen.Weekly Class 2013 Schedule BYou can also make out that we have added more of the Evan-Moor unit books I talked about before.  Can you tell we appreciate them? Oh yeah! Keep things Simple… which gives us the freedom to enjoy our adventures.  Although you can see that this year I decided to use it as the core of our curriculum, you might want to consider it as a supplement to your own current curriculum or a type of easy Notebooking. hmm… think Road trip? Vacations?

WorkBoxAs you can see I decided to borrow the work box idea and organized the unit workbooks according to the schedule guide… I have to admit this random inspiration was the result of the deep need to reclaim my desk space.

Oh and one more thing.  Since Neko pretty much does his work independently, I let him write in his books.  For the other three my intention is to teach and copy out of the 1st grade unit books.  If it works out for us then great… if not then I will go back and get them their own books.  It basically is a matter of printer ink or if I will use the dry erase board.  We will see where the flow takes us!


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