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2013 Cline Festivus

2013 Cline Festivus Posted on December 20, 20132 Comments

Stress, sleep deprivation, and the overflowing trash can were my favorite reminders why Santa went green a couple years ago.


Last week the elves argued with me about making the effort to wrap presents.

It will be fun, they said.

Ohhh!  Look at the pretty paper!  It will add to the magic, they said.

I was pretty gun-ho about it until I discovered tape does not stick to glitter.  Not only did I have to use superglue to make sure the presents stay wrapped… there was glitter everywhere for 3 days.  I learned my lesson.  No matter how much I am drawn to glitter, I must resist.  Wrapping paper popping off presents is not my idea of a good time…

Actually it wasn’t that bad.  The kids stayed in bed until about 9 o’clock.  The boys made it down to the tree first so of course they felt victorious!


There was a casualty.  Lil Man pretty much collapsed after he made it down the stairs.  At first we tried to help him wake up by getting him to stretch…


He finally spied his stocking through his eye lids and then he became excited.  I think he heard me tell the older kids that back in the old days the best gifts came in the stockings.  Otherwise I have no clue why he was more excited about the stocking than the shiny presents under the tree… Power Rangers & Hot Wheels for the WIN!

Pinkalicious and Purplicious finally made their entrance.  Then the whirlwind of wrapping paper shredding beneath eager fingers took over.  The war zone had calmed down.  The buzz of delighted children filled the day.  It was only later that afternoon that they realized they might have been hungry.  I guess that is what Moms are for.

Festivus war

Years from now they may not remember the presents they did or did not receive.  I hope instead they will remember how they felt, the memories we make, and the traditions we created that have served us so well.

The things we do for each other are more important the than things we give each other.  Thank you for helping to make our Christmas special!

Winkies, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

If you’re looking for ideas take a look at our new family tradition: Sugar Crushing.



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